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Waiting in the wings… Part One.


Tired of hours of bitter recriminations, Nicholas walked out. They’d gone over this ground endless times already. Tracy was too stubborn to admit her faults, and he was far too proud to give an inch. He couldn’t yield. Wouldn’t. Not when she had abused his trust, and thrown his love back in his face.

She cried out his name as his long strides shadowed the door.


It was shrill, it smacked of desperation.

Good. He thought, turning the doorknob and embracing the mid day sun. There was only so much a man could take after all. Let her run after him, chase after him; because as far as waiting on her was concerned, he was done.

Nicholas Babajide Cole didn’t grovel before any woman. No. Not even Tracy, with her stunning face and delectable body would make him start.

His black Jaguar was waiting on the street in front of the house on Aso Drive. He’s driver slash bodyguard threw open the door of the back seat as Nicholas approached. He settled in, and reached almost immediately for a cigarette from the pack of Bensons in his breast pocket.

“Call Akin and tell him to have the plane fueled and ready to go. I’ve had enough of this damn city”.

“Yes boss,” Joe replied, wondering what the Jang girl had done to infuriate his employer this time. It had been like this all week. Nick would visit her apartment, they would argue, and he would storm out with eyes full of wild fire.

Nicholas released a deep breath as he felt the smoke calm his nerves. He was going away for a long spell, just so he could remove his offensive presence from her sight. Hell, he would even remove himself from the country.

He dragged an unsteady hand through his afro hair and looked out the window. His mind barely registered the fever pitch movement of cars and pedestrians on the densely populated Abuja town roads. The earlier scene in the apartment occupied his thoughts.

Tracy was spoiled. And Nicholas supposed it was his fault. He had spoiled her with extravagant gifts and the fulfillment of her every whim. She needed to know what life without him at her beck and call would be like. Some badly needed perspective would surely do her a world of good.

Her announcement that morning, “We need to talk,” should have warned him.

He had instantly agreed, uneasy at how they’d left things the night before.

In truth, his intention was to apologize. To say he was sorry for losing his temper and shouting at her. The anger had clouded his reason for a moment, and he had spoken very harshly. He never did that, not to her anyway.

A muscle ticked in his jaw as he recalled her reaction to his apology. She had brushed it aside and launched into a blistering tirade, flinging at him all sorts of wild accusations.

Tracy had called him a liar, a serial cheat and an unscrupulous bastard. She said his very presence in the same room was disgusting to her.

Nicholas had been shocked. No, stunned!

Where had all that come from? Where did she get off calling him a cheat? A liar? She who had been the center of his world for the past eighteen months?

Had he ever lied about the strength of his feelings for her? The mad desperation he felt whenever he thought she might find another man better than him? From the very first time he laid eyes on her, he had fallen. Hard.

She was fresh from college and looking for a job as an executive assistant. Someone responsible for recruitment in his company had taken a liking to her and recommended her from a list of applicants for the position of a Personal Assistant. After his previous PA resigned to be a full time housewife, Tracy was assigned to his office.

Her first two weeks as his PA had Nicholas inhaling her alluring scent every time she sat across the desk from him. When his eyes kept straying to her lush full lips whenever she responded to a query he made, he knew he had to have her. It became clear to him that her presence in his office was fast becoming an untenable situation, and that making her his mistress was a foregone conclusion.

She had eyes like aqua – thanks to her German grandmother. A blue hue the shade of the deep sea. Those eyes in that face, complimented by those lips had mesmerized him.

He was thirty three years old, rich and blessed with what women considered rugged good looks. There had never been a shortage of females making fools of themselves over him.

Yet this one woman,  had woven a spell around him so tight he could barely breathe for the want of her.

He made his move exactly a month after she began working for him. She was a woman who loved speeches and flowers, so he’d courted her. He bought flowers, took her out to fancy restaurants and showed her what life in the jet set world was really like.

Everyday saw a new gift delivered to her office – next door to his on the corridor. He hadn’t cared that his attention was causing her some embarrassment, or that she was widely gossiped about by the rest of the staff.

Nicholas had wooed her with twenty-four carat charm, and Tracy in turn had lapped it up like a cat lapping up cream. There was never any doubt in his mind that she might say no.

Aside from the initial short lived resistance he had come to expect from every woman, Tracy had basked in his attentions and readily agreed to give up her job in favor of taking up the more lucrative position of his mistress.

The rest as they say was history. He’d rented the apartment and furnished it exclusively for her use. Anytime he felt the need for her, he would visit the place and spend the night. Sometimes, he might stay for an entire weekend too.

Nicholas believed he had pleasured her as much as she’d pleasured him in the last year and a half, making her present attitude puzzling. However, he found he no longer had the inclination to decipher the workings of her little mind. He shrugged off the ire as Joe navigated the car into the drive leading up to his sprawling mansion in Maitama. His housekeeper Safina waited on the patio.

“Safina,” he murmured, dropping a peck on the older woman’s cheek. She smiled warmly and reached for his briefcase.

“Welcome sir,” she said, turning to precede him into the house. Safina had been in his employ for over seven years. He considered her less of an employee, and more of a loyal family member.

“Pack a bag for me will you? I’m going on a vacation.” he instructed brusquely.

“Really? But you just got back from Lagos a week ago?” She searched his face and saw nothing there. Nicholas’ expression was blank. As it always was, when he was hiding something.

“I’m not going to Lagos this time, I’m traveling out of the country.”

She nodded and asked mildly. “Shall I run your bath now sir? Or would you like your food immediately?”

“No food. Run my bath, but I want to make a couple of phone calls first.”

“I’ll get to it.” She said, all efficiency. Nicholas walked away and headed for his study. The room was soundproofed and a mobile phone lay on the desk.

He reached for it and barked into the receiver. “Tola, clear my schedule for the rest of the month. I’m taking an extended trip to the States. ”

“Hallifax sir, there’s a stakeholder meeting in two days.” his executive secretary reminded him.

Nicholas frowned. Hallifax was a software firm his company was in the process of acquiring. An agreement was pending, and he expected there would be one very soon. The twenty-one year old genius founder of the company, Bilal Sani, would not get a better offer from anywhere else.

“Nedu is in charge. Tell him to call me if the deal falls through.”

“Alright sir.” Tola said and Nicholas terminated the call. His next call was to confirm that his private jet was fueled and in perfect condition for the journey he planned. Once that was ascertained, he went up to his room for a long soak in the luxury bath.

To be continued…

All rights reserved. This story is the intellectual property of Idowu Oluwatoyin aka @tee_hidee on twitter.

Thanks for reading.


17 comments on “Waiting in the wings… Part One.

  1. Shecrownlitaaa
    July 18, 2013

    What is all this part 1 and 2… you have start again abi… choi!! where is Oga Nico living na?

  2. queenapril16
    July 18, 2013

    All these writers on twitter are just keeping us in suspense…nice one, cant wait for d next part.

  3. famuyideolawale
    July 18, 2013

    This is an entering with a bang. After months of absence. Now, I can sit back and enjoy this. Btw, tell Nick that am available to work on the new company he is acquiring. Hehehe

  4. toyinfabs
    July 18, 2013

    Yeah…..and my namesake is back.

  5. @LumiAkd
    July 18, 2013

    Oh Toyin! Nice one as usual, always so eager to read ur stories and of course I’m never disappointed. Please do not keep us in suspense for too long. Meanwhile my house is on Aso drive,how come the loaded bloke wasnt coming out of my house…

    • ramblersinc
      July 18, 2013

      Dont worry I’ve already written part two. Will post in a few days.. thnx.

  6. Shecrownlitaaa
    July 18, 2013

    @LumiAkd he is my boyfriend… keep off oo… (-_-)

    • Sagay
      July 19, 2013

      Talk to me if you want Nick.

      @Toyin, welcome back. Lemme go read the part 2

  7. dazeetah
    July 18, 2013

    You arnt rusty at all. This is great. Hurry up with the nxt part. Biko.

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  9. Jude
    July 18, 2013

    The break didn’t hurt one bit….witty and lucid as ever; storytelling with a touch of class. I see vast improvements in articulation, symmetry and style. The world is your oyster, baby! And when u hit the top like u most certainly will, remember to call me your boy.

    • ramblersinc
      July 18, 2013

      Or better still, I’ll remember to tell everyone, I was your girl. LOL Thanks a lot.
      NB: Part two has been posted, in case you missed it.

  10. osas
    July 19, 2013

    Storyline interestin but reminiscent of a mills n boon/harlequin novel.we r talkin abt nigerians hw cum he is runnin his hands tru his hair?

    • ramblersinc
      July 19, 2013

      Thanks for the observation. Actually, the hair part was deliberate, cos the character I imagined keeps his hair long.. (afro) being a widely traveled jet setting playboy, his outlook is influenced by his experiences and exposure to other cultures.
      As for reading like a mills and boon LOL It’s a romantic story, so maybe that’s why it reads like that.. all stories dont have to have stereotypical nigerian characters you know.. that’s the beauty of fictional writing.. writers can push as many boundaries as they want.

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